Dental Professional Support

Dental Professional Support Unit

The dental postgraduate section of the Wales Deanery has implemented a system to support individuals who are either looking to enter into the provision of primary dental care or who are subject to inclusion on the performers list in Wales or subject to remediation support.

The Dental Professional Support (DPS) tutor will work with the individual and review the level of support required to fulfil the educational package.

The three levels of available support are:

  1. Conditional Inclusions/Equivalence Support

  2. Performance Related Issues/Remediation Support

  3. Full Professional Support

Upon acceptance of the programme the DPS tutor will allocate a PDP tutor to work with the individual.

All delegates entering into the support unit will have support with developing their PDP, portfolio construction, support with audit, appraisal training and will be invited to attend the NHS rules and regulations study day as well as being signposted to relevant section 2 courses as identified by your PDP.

Get in touch

For further information and to obtain an application form please contact:

Robert Davies, Dental Professional Support Tutor

Kate Croydon Dental Professional Support Administrator

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