Extended Duties Courses

We offer a variety of courses which will enable registered Dental Care Professionals to develop additional skills in line with the GDC Scope of Practice guidance.

DCPs should only carry out a task or type of treatment or make decisions about a patient's care if they have the necessary skills and knowledge and are competent and trained to do so.

Impression Taking

Suture Removal [after the wound has been checked by a dentist]

Please contact Kath Liddington, Dental Team Administrative Officer for Wales at katherine.liddington@wales.nhs.uk  - tel: 01443 824274 - to find out more 

Fluoride Application - Dental Nurses within Contract Reform Practices can be trained within their practices, under the 'Making Prevention Work in Practice (MPWiP) Programme' - contact Martine Cuddihy (martine.cuddihy@wales.nhs.uk)  for details.


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