Extended Duties Courses

We offer a variety of courses which will enable registered Dental Care Professionals to develop additional skills in line with the GDC Scope of Practice guidance.   PLEASE NOTE, WE ARE NOT CURRENTLY OFFERING EXTENDED DUTIES COURSES DUE TO THE COVID-19 CRISIS.  

DCPs should only carry out a task or type of treatment or make decisions about a patient's care if they have the necessary skills and knowledge and are competent and trained to do so.

Impression Taking

Suture Removal [after the wound has been checked by a dentist]

Please contact Kath Liddington, Dental Team Administrative Officer for Wales at katherine.liddington@wales.nhs.uk  - tel: 01443 824274 - to find out more 

Fluoride Application - Dental Nurses within Contract Reform Practices can be trained within their practices, under the 'Making Prevention Work in Practice (MPWiP) Programme' - contact Martine Cuddihy (martine.cuddihy@wales.nhs.uk)  for details.


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