**Please note all CPD courses and training study days have been cancelled until the 31st August 2020.  Any online courses will continue to run and the section are making arrangements to provide more online courses during this time.  These courses will be advertised on maxcourse**

For further information regarding COVID-19 in relation to HEIW please visit*

**Clinical Guide to managing pain and providing dental care for paediatric patients during the Welsh Government recovery phase - Providing excellence in the care of children affected by decay - English version / Welsh version ** 

**CDO Letter - De-escalation Red to Amber**
**CDO Letter - SOP for AGPs on non-Covid-19 patients**
**SOP for AGPs on non-Covid-19 patients** 

** CDO Letter - Restoration of dental services - 22/05/2020 ** 
** Restoration of Dental Services Post COVID-19 - De-escalation of Red Alert Pandemic Plan**
** Wales De-escalation Pandemic Plan for Dentistry** 
** De-escalation Standard Operating Processes for Primary Dental Care Settings in Wales**

**In partnership with Welsh Government we have issued guidance regarding the redeployment of the dental workforce in Wales in response to COVID-19.  The guidance was issued with this accompanying letter.  Access to the training can be found here: 

  • - Chart One - training to support the redeployment of dental team in COVID-19.  This training is appropriate for:
  • General Dental Practitioners, Dental Foundation Trainees, Dental Nurses, Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists 
  • - Chart Two - training to support the redeployment of dental team in COVID-19.  This training is appropriate for:
  • Dentists with current or recent hospital or Oral & Maxillofacial experience (Dental Core Trainee or above) 

**Primary Care Dental Services COVID-19 Toolkit and Release note**


**Supplementary guidance for all Dental Teams in Wales on Red Alert Phase Escalation** 

**COVID-19 Business Continuity & Financial Support for Dental Practices providing NHS Services**

** Red Alert letter to Dental Practices in Wales / Red Phase Guidance **

**Coronavirus Primary Care Poster**

** Welsh Government Briefing: Primary care providers and the coronavirus (COVID-19)**

**Use of Anti-Inflammatory Medications in Covid-19**

**The All Wales Faculty for DCPs have developed a specific FAQ section and support for DCPs in Wales during the Covid-19 period -** *All Wales Faculty Resources*

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