DCT National Recruitment 2019

Recruitment to Dental Core Training (DCT) posts in the UK is via a national selection process, currently led by Health Education England (HEE).  Most DCT posts in Wales are now processed via national recruitment, with exception to those few posts which are 100% health board funded or are purely service provision posts and not training posts. 

Applications and offers will be made through Oriel, the national recruitment system. The system enables the national coordination of the application and offer processes and allows applicants to accept only one post. Please see the national recruitment timetline below. 

Applicants can apply to all levels DCT1, DCT2 and DCT3.  The level of DCT post will depend on how many years of DCT training an applicant has undertaken by the time the post commences in September 2019.

Longlisted applicants will be able to select which centre they would prefer to attend, but should note that allocation to any particular centre will be on a first come, first served basis. Applicants will be invited to preference all the posts in which they are interested at the time of application, but there will be an opportunity to review and amend those choices later on. Applicants should be aware that if they limit their choices, this may reduce the likelihood of being offered a post.

Offers will be made in rank order by performance at the selection centre. Once offers have been made, the system will permit applicants to upgrade to a higher preference post if one becomes available, provided the applicant accepts the offered post with upgrades.

Further information is provided in the applicant guide and person specifications for each vacancy. This information will be available when the posts are advertised on the COPDEND website.

The selection centre will consist of the following stations:

1. Clinical scenario
2. Clinical governance and risk management
3. Communication skills
4. Situational judgement test
5. Portfolio station for DCT 2/3 applicants only

Key dates:

Advert Appears on NHS jobs                  Tuesday 15th January 2019

Applications Open on Oriel (10 am)       Tuesday 22nd January 2019                        
Advert & Applications close (4pm)          Tuesday 12th  February 2019

Interview Window                                    25th March 2019 - 24th May 2019

Initial Offers released                              Thursday 6th June 2019
Hold Deadline                                         Thursday 13th June 2019                                                                 

Upgrade Deadline                                   Thursday 20th June 2019

Posts commence                                     Wednesday 4th September 2019


Please see the DCT Applicant Guide 2019

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