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The role of the Dental Educational Supervisor is to employ, supervise and support a Foundation Dentist (FD) in primary dental care, so that the Foundation Dentist is able to work unsupervised in the general, personal and salaried dental services at the end of Dental Foundation Training (DFT).

Dental practitioners working in NHS dental practices within Wales, with at least 4 years GDS/CDS experience in the UK, can apply to become a Dental Educational  in November  for schemes commencing the following September. Please see the job description, person and practice specification for further information on the role of a Educational Supervisor in general dental practice.

If you would like to discuss the Educational Supervisor role please contact Gabrielle Lloyd, Dental Foundation Training Manager.

You may also find the Educational Supervisor Handbook helpful in answering some of your queries.

HEIW Dental Foundation Training Educational Supervisor Approval Process (DESAP) for 2020/2021


DESAP (HEIWs new online application form) will be open for applicants on the 13th January 2020 – 14th February 2020.

DESAP login Please copy and paste this button into a modern web browser such as Firefox / Chrome / Microsoft Edge to complete this form.

Please note: HEIW are currently in discussion with NWSSP with regards to them becoming the Single Lead Employer for all Welsh FDs from Sept 2020.

You will have the opportunity to learn more about these proposals and ask any questions by joining the HEIW SLE Webinar on the 29/01/2020 at 17:30 – 18:30. Details about how to join will be communicated shortly.

DESAP guidance

All applicants will need to complete an online application form.. If you are applying as a joint Educational Supervisor, both applicants will need to complete the process.

This year COPDEND and Dental Schools Council have been working together to ensure that there is a close correlation between the supply and demand of places. The outcome of this work means that there will be an overall reduction in the number of Foundation Dental Training places in the UK for 2020/21. All Deaneries have agreed to reduce their intake by a similar percentage.  Therefore HEIW are only able to consider approving practices for one DFT post per practice in 2020/21. 

However, practices may also wish to be considered for the new General Dental Practice Dental Core Training initiative (GDS DCT).  Further details on this initiative will be communicated shortly. Please indicate your interest to be considered by ticking the relevant box in the section on the Confirm submission page of DESAP.

Only Educational Supervisors who are:

  1.  New applicants

  2. 1st year Educational Supervisors

  3. Educational Supervisors where annual appraisal indicates the need for re-interview will be interviewed.

All interviews will take place in Ty Dysgu on 21st & 22nd April 2020.

The approval process will involve:

  • New practice applicants will be visited by two Training Programme Directors prior to interview.
  • Applicants who are re-applying will be quality assured annually, by a Training Programme  Director who will conduct a QA annual practice visit and performance review.

The visits are designed to assess the educational opportunities that exist within the practice.Educational Supervisors will be annually appraised by their scheme TPD.The Scheme TPD will observe the Educational Supervisor giving a tutorial and observe the Foundation Dentist working clinically.The TPD will then complete the annual QA visit documentation.

  • Attendance at Educational Supervisor sessions – You are required to complete a record of attendance at qualifying Educational Supervisor sessions.  You are reminded that you are expected to undertake a minimum of 14 sessions within the Dental Foundation Training year (September – August) and attendance at sessions will be reviewed and will be included as part of the decision-making process for reappointment of Educational Supervisors.
  • HIW & LHB reports - HEIW will also receive reports from HIW and LHBs.  All the documentation and assessment criteria to be used in this process is available below.
  • Equality & Diversity (E&D Training) – You are reminded that E&D training (required every 3 years) will be compulsory during this selection process.  To access the Equality and Diversity training via NHS E-learning, you will need to follow the instructions within the Dental Primary Care User guide with enrolment keys document. If you have any queries in relation to this please contact Rachel Morgan.

  • Attendance on one of the HEIW Developing Dental Educators 4 day course is an essential requirement for all new ESs who do not hold an alternative Post Graduate qualification in Medical or Dental Education acceptable to HEIW. The next course will be held at Glan Clwyd Hospital (Postgraduate Education Centre) on 15th & 29th May and 2nd & 26th June 2020. Please contact Rachel Morgan to register your interest.

  • DESAP has been designed to provide a fair and transparent assessment process.

Related resources that support the ES selection process

For the 2020 timeframe, please see the ES flyer.

If you have any queries, please contact Gabrielle Lloyd (DFT Manager).


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