Performers List Validation by Experience (formerly Foundation Training by Equivalence)

Non-UK dentists

The information here will be of use to those dentists from overseas wishing to practice in the UK. Dentists in this group fall into two categories and the two groups have different pathways to practice in the UK. The groups are either from within the European Economic Area (EEA) or from the rest of the world. The EEA comprises countries from the European Union and Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. Switzerland is also included in this group under a reciprocal arrangement.

Information for EU and Overseas dentists regarding immigration enquiries can be found on the National Advice Centre for Postgraduate Dental Education (NACPDE) website.

The rules governing dental practice here are complex and the regulations have recently changed. You will need to contact the General Dental Council (GDC) to gain information about the latest registration requirements. Full details are on their website

You will need to complete the Request for Registration with the General Dental Council form which can be obtained from the GDC. If you have qualified outside the EEA you will probably have to pass the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) before you can register with the GDC. This has now superseded the International Qualifying Examination. Details about the ORE can be found on the GDC website.

If you have a qualification from within the EEA you will not have to take the ORE. Once you are registered with the GDC you will have to decide how and where you wish to work. This could be in primary or secondary care, in the NHS or privately. Job advertisements can be found in the British Dental Journal. If you wish to work in primary care NHS dentistry and have managed to find a position in Wales you will need to apply for Inclusion on the Dental Performers List in Wales.

The application pack for inclusion on the Dental Performers List in Wales can be obtained here.

Dentists are required as from 1 April 2006 to have a Vocational Training number as one of the pre-requisites of being placed on the Dental Performers List, which is held by the Business Service Centre in Swansea.

All dentists wishing to join the Performers List in England and Wales must show they either have:

  • A Foundation Training number and Certificate (post 1993)
  • Are exempt from the regulations because of having practised in a European Union country and were registered there
  • Or have to demonstrate equivalence to foundation training via the competence assessment route.
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