Dentists are required as from 1 April 2006 to have a Vocational Training number as one of the pre-requisites of being placed on the Dental Performers List, which is held by the Business Service Centre in Swansea.

Applications for a Performer Number should be made on a DPL1 form which can be obtained from Business Service Centre in Swansea (Tel. 01792 607438).

In order to be awarded a Vocational Training number a Dentist would need to have successfully completed a period of vocational training in the UK since October 1993 and present a certificate of completion (part A). Otherwise they would need to demonstrate ‘equivalent’ training and experience [See Performers List by Validation Experience section] or  would need to be considered ‘exempt’ from this requirement (Part B).

If you are submitting your application under Part A or B the Dental Postgraduate Section will issue a Vocational Training number or provide you with a response within 14 working days. Please see Figure 1.VT Number Routes in the Related Downloads Section which illustrates the options for applying for a Vocational Training Number.

PART A – Completion of Vocational Training

A1: Please circle ‘Yes’ if you have completed vocational training on or after 1 October 1993.

If you completed Vocational Training prior to this, please circle ‘No’.

A2: Confirmation of this must be supplied by the original vocational training certificate.

PART B - Exemption

Exemption applies to the following:

B1: EC nationals who have a recognised European dental diploma (that is not from a UK Dental School). No further evidence needs to be submitted for this category. This does not apply to British nationals.

B2 Dentists with experience in primary care as a dentist for a total period of two years full-time or an equivalent period part time in: the Community Dental Service, the Armed Forces of the Crown or the performance of personal dental services (prior to 1 April 2006). Part or all of that period should fall within the period of four years beginning with the date of application.

B3/B4: Confirmation of this experience in Primary Care must be supplied by an original letter from the relevant employing authority confirming these details, including that part or all of that period fell within the period of four years beginning with the date of application.

B5: Dentists who were included on the dental list of a Local Health Board immediately before 1 April 2006. You are required to confirm the name of the Local Health Board and your contract number.

B6: Individuals applying for a Vocational Training number under restricted practice – i.e. Oral Surgery or Orthodontics.

Applications for a Vocational Training Number are made by submitting the DPL1a form to the Dental Postgraduate Section in Health Education and Improvement Wales who will consider the information and determine your entitlement to a Vocational Training number.

It is your responsibility to provide us with ALL of the information and documentation required to process the application. This application cannot be processed unless you have completed all sections and provided all related documentation and will remain on hold until all required information is received.

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